Our Success So Far

Cross Jordan
was established by Louie Omeish, a former Management Consultant, and are run in line with best corporate practices.

In the span of three years, we managed to grow into a highly successful sports nutrition and functional foods distributor, working across several territories and sales channels. We currently have distribution rights for Grenade, Nak’d , Pandy , NOVO , Barbells, Lenny & Larry’s, The Incredible Oat and Butter Bros .


We operate across Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar , Kuwait, Oman UAE and Bahrain .

Our success is driven by our passion, commitment to our brands & customers and the strong global growth in the healthy snacking market.

Why Work With Us

We take


very seriously 

 ➢ We take very seriously the responsibility we have towards marketing our brands in the most optimal way possible.

➢ We use social media platforms and in-store activation to achieve maximal brand awareness and reach.

Our medium

size is an


 ➢ Our medium size means we are small enough to be sufficiently focused on each brand we represent yet we are big enough to ensure optimal coverage and distribution.

Working with

the right local


➢ In each territory we operate, we have chosen and developed close relationships with the right local partners to ensure the long term success of the brands we represent.

 ➢ We have a genuine sense of stewardship towards the brands we represent and take a long-term stance on growing their reach.

➢ We design and implement customised marketing and distribution strategies unique to each and every brand.

 ➢ At Cross Jordan, we have best-inclass corporate practices

and policies that ensure the sustainability of our business.

➢ Our vision is supported by robust controls that allows us to provide unrivalled service to both our customers and suppliers.

We invest

behind our


We are run in

line with best




Our Marketing Capability 

In addition to our very active digital marketing team, we continuously run in store promotional activities for each and every brand we represent.

We also run a number of bespoke social and competitive events every month to help grow brand loyalty. These events are branded by the brands we represent and are done in cooperation with the retailers we work with. This is a unique way to increase brand awareness.

When it comes to digital marketing, we are far ahead of the average Middle Eastern company.

We showcase our products and brands in innovative and highly engaging content.

We have our own in house digital marketing team who create and deliver digital media campaigns that are unique to every brand we represent.

Our weekly social reach is over 1,000,000 people.


Offline Marketing

Digital Marketing 


Social Media Marketing

We are one of few companies in the region to actively use local influencers / brand ambassadors to promote the brands we represent.

We actively seek out and recruit local celebrities to help increase brand awareness for each brand we represent.


Our Top Brands

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